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History of Bransford Golf Club

The first time a golf ball was struck down the fairway on the then opening hole in a competition at Bransford was on Tuesday, April 18, 1992, and it fulfilled the dream of a man who had bought the Bank House Hotel and surrounding farmland because of his burning desire to see the creation of a brand new golf course in this particular part of Worcestershire.

Since then, that initial 11-hole course has seen a raft of changes to become the much-loved course that sits in the foot of the Malvern Hills today. 

February 1991
February 1991

A new golf course in Worcester

Owner Joe Farr gives the go-ahead and work began on the new golf course.

January 1992
January 1992

The first golf club Secretary

Patrick Holmes was engaged as the club's first golf secretary.

18 April 1992
18 April 1992

Bransford Golf Course official opens

The course's first 11 holes were open and ready for play.

June 1992
June 1992

First club captain

Gordon Jack appointed first club captain.

18 September 1992
18 September 1992

First committee is formed

The first committee is formed and club accepted into the EGU through the Worcestershire UGC.

March 1993
March 1993

First course marshal

The first course marshal and starter appointed. This was Norman Taylor who sadly died two years later.

April 1993
April 1993

Further club development

Clubhouse facilities, Pro-shop, changing rooms and offices officially opened.

June 1994
June 1994

First 18 hole competition

Pedestrian tunnel opened and the first full 18 hole competition was played.


Clubhouse development

Work began on the clubhouse.


Joe Farr dies

Joe Farr dies. His memory is kept alive with annual Joe Farr Memorial Cup Competition.


Peter Wood Buys the Bank House

Peter Wood purchased the Bank House Hotel and Bransford Golf Club in 2014 and invested in some much-needed refurbishments.


Famous Oak Tree Removed

A feature on the course disappeared - the famous old oak tree on the eighth fairway!


25th Anniversary

Bransford Golf Club celebrates its 25th anniversary

Previous Captains

Club Captains
1992/3 Gordon Jack
1994 Gordon Welford
1995 Ken Dawe
1996 Lyn Morgan
1997 Harry Godwin
1998 Peter Cartridge
1999 Bob McGrath
2000 Graham Spickernell
2001 Wayne Harris
2002 Andy Harris
2003 T Wilson
2004 Andy Lammas
2005 Ian Hamilton
2006 C Augousti
2007 Dave Lumsden
2008 Alan McPherson
2009 R McIntosh-Gibbs
2010 Matt Waterhouse
2011 Dave Randle
2012 Lesley Lammas
2013 Andy Kennedy
2014 Steve Bowman
2015 Eliot Payne
2016 Mark Tipton
2017 Pete Sheppard
2018 R. Richards
2019 S. Freeman-Taylor
2020 A. Goodall
2021 J. Keane
2022 S. Wood 
2023 Craig Barry


Lady Captains
1997 Pauline Belsham
1998 Pauline Belsham
1999 Pauline Belsham
2000 Anne Wilson
2001 Anne Wilson
2002 Anne Hamilton
2003 Pauline Wetton
2004 Lesley Lammas
2005 E Kelsall
2006 M Lee-Kemp
2007 Pat Farr
2008 Pauline Wetton
2009 June Atkinson
2010 Jenny Bennett
2011 Cynthia Holmes
2012 Jan Bettison
2013 Committee
2014 Committee
2015 Committee
2016 June Atkinson
2017 Pauline Wetton
2018 Pauline Wetton
2019 Pauline Wetton
2020 Pauline Wetton
2021 Pauline Wetton
2022 Pauline Wetton
2023 Pauline Wetton


Seniors Captains
1995 Dennis Adams
1996 Cyril Lee
1997 Trevor Colman
1998 Sam Moore
1999 Graham Spickernell
2000 David Lumsden
2001 Mike Kenway
2002 Terry Bottomley
2003 Dave Hallows
2004 Ian Elrick
2005 Dave Hallows
2006 Mike Holmes
2007 Trevor Atkinson
2008 Bill Bowen
2009 Mike Holmes
2010 Mike Davidge
2011 Neil Sheldon
2012 Alan Wallcroft
2013 Peter Harrison
2014 Ian Hamilton
2015 John Phillips
2016 Rob Blake
2017 Alan Wallcrott
2018 D. Miller
2019 A. Falconer
2020 T. Atkinson
2021 T. Atkinson
2022 D. Lindsay
2023 Barry Benge